Evosta range

New Evosta circulators: simply reliable

History and know-how, together with the in-house design of the mechanics and electronics and the new DAB 4.0 factory, make the Evosta electronic wet rotor circulators utterly innovative in terms of technology, reliability and performance.

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DAB 4.0

Smart Production
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Smart DAB

Smart factory, Brilliant Factory, Factory 4.0, Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet.

Innovation is about capacity, not words. It is about having a vision and adopting it in the corporate culture and complex organisational system.

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Evosta range

DAB. Innovation
it is not a goal
but just a starting point

43 years of experience. More than 20 million circulators sold.

From the factory 4.0 DAB the Evosta range are the perfect synthesis between the strength of the mechanical circulator and the benefits of the electronic one.

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The first
Smart circulator
for human

Evosta 3

Regular feedback from installers. All-round vision of technological and productive innovation.

The new Evosta 3 electronic wet rotor circulator is based on this, on solid experience and an eye for the future.

  • Factory 4.0
  • Small size
  • Easy
    to replace
  • IPX5
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The specialist
of tomorrow's

Evosta range

Evosta 2

Increasingly complex systems, ever more advanced technologies and higher demand for better quality. In this scenario, DAB’s Smart Factory offers all the answers to a more specialised market with the Evosta 2 circulators.

  • Factory 4.0
  • Small size
  • Easy
    to replace
  • IPX5
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Evosta 2 San

For domestic hot water (bronze body)

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Evosta 2 Sol

For solar panel systems

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In case of replacement

a circulator has
never been
so easy

The technological evolution of Dab has made it possible to significantly reduce the dimensions of Evosta 3, compared to Evotron and to all competitors. Thanks to the interchangeable power connector, Evosta 3 can be used with connection plugs of other competitors without the need to rewire all the electrical connections.

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