Evosta 3

The first
Smart circulator
for human

Regular feedback from installers. All-round vision of technological and productive innovation. The new Evosta 3 electronic wet rotor circulator is based on this, on solid experience and an eye for the future.

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General characteristics

Evosta 3, DAB first own Smart circulator, offers unique features thanks to the new DAB 4.0 factory which represents a great leap forward in terms of assisting the installer and improving the performance of the domestic cooling or heating systems

  • IPX5
  • Steel motor casing
  • Airvent plug
  • User interface
  • Energy savings


The circulator can now be replaced easily: the new interchangeable
power connector of the Evosta 3 range can be used with connection
plugs of other competitors without the need to rewire all the electrical
connections. Even the most awkward replacement is now quick and

When smart
means easy

The new user interface with illuminated display and sequential button with immediate feedback makes easier the setting and readability under all conditions, since the settings remain available and can be edited at any time... with just a finger.


Dab’s technological evolution has madepossible a consistent reduction of the overall size of Evosta 3 now offering unparalleled flexibility.


The energy performance of the new Evosta 3 has been improved with the new concepts of Smart energy and the use of an inverter, bringing the EEI index to ≤ 0.19: lower than ever before.


the Evosta 3 model is supplied as standard with insulation shells which
reduce the dispersion of thermal energy, ensuring further energy savings

Technical features


In case of replacement

a circulator has
never been
so easy

The technological evolution of Dab has made it possible to significantly reduce the dimensions of Evosta 3, compared to Evotron and to all competitors.

Thanks to the new interchangeable power connector, Evosta 3 can be used with connection plugs of other competitors without the need to rewire all the electrical connections.

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Integrated circulator/filter solution

D.MAG the new DAB/ADEY filtration system

The worst enemy of our work is the corrosion that causes the greatest percentage of breakdown, noise, losses and inefficiencies of the plants.

This is why the new D.MAG filtration system developed by DAB and Adey is born, which reduces impurities by 90%, increasing the life of the circulators and reducing maintenance costs.

From today you can offer a complete circulator-filter solution.

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