Evosta 2

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Increasingly complex systems, ever more advanced technologies and higher demand for better quality. In this scenario, DAB’s Smart Factory offers all the answers to a more specialised market with the new Evosta 2 circulators.

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General characteristics

In the context of heating systems with solar panels for the recirculation of domestic hot water, and now also for cooling applications, the new Evosta 2 circulators represent the very latest evolution in terms of reliability and comfort, performance, low consumption and ease of use and maintenance.

  • IPX5
  • Steel motor casing
  • Airvent plug
  • User interface
  • Energy savings

Evosta 2

For heating, systems with solar panels, recirculation of domestic hot water and now also for air conditioning applications.

Q max: 3,6 m3/h
H max: 6,9 m

Evosta 2 san

For domestic hot water (bronze body)

Q max: 3,6 m3/h
H max: 6,9 m

Q max: 0,6 m3/h
H max: 1,1 m

Evosta 2 sol

For solar panel systems

Q max: 3,5 m3/h
H max: 14,5 m

Technical features


In case of replacement

a circulator has
never been
so easy

Small size compared to previous and competitors make the new Evosta 2 range the quickest and easiest solution, even in the most inconvenient substitutions.

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Integrated circulator/filter solution

D.MAG the new DAB/ADEY filtration system

The worst enemy of our work is the corrosion that causes the greatest percentage of breakdown, noise, losses and inefficiencies of the plants.

This is why the new D.MAG filtration system developed by DAB and Adey is born, which reduces impurities by 90%, increasing the life of the circulators and reducing maintenance costs.

From today you can offer a complete circulator-filter solution.

Discover D.MAG

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